Varenna Sweet Home offer you, a meeting between professionalism and harmony, to lead to a state of relaxation,
well-being, moving the mind away from the outside world, from thoughts and stress, to recover
vitality, letting the flow of energy flow freely creating balance between soul , body and mind.
Music, oils, essential oils, aromas, essences, candles and details, well cared for, in order to satisfy the senses and make each massage personalized and unique, to remember the waves of the lake, the scents of the seasons,
flowers and plants, the sound and the colors of nature.

Varenna Sweet Home offers you on demand, in your own patio/terrace:

Stone Massage
Relaxing Massage
Aromatic Massage
Aromatic Massage with stones
Candle Massage
Connective Tissue Massage
Californian Massage
Face Massage
Back & Cervical Massage
Back Massage with stones